Canon 1D IV CF and SD Card combo recommendations

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Re: Canon 1D IV CF and SD Card combo recommendations

Thanks Nik, exactly the info I was looking for.

thenibster wrote:

Hi Kevin,

I've been shooting with the Canon EOS 1D Mk IV and SanDisk cards since December. I've played around with a few different types of cards, but have only ever used 2 for work in this camera. I use the SanDisk ExtremePro CF (90Mbps), and the Extreme SDHC (30Mbps). I shoot RAW to CF, and full resolution & quality JPEG's to the SD. As I said, I have played around with other setups, including my old favourite cards, the SanDisk Extreme Ducati Edition, but there's a noticeable difference in performance.

This set up is great, as it's very quick - literally as quick as you can get on the market today. It also offers backup, dual cards.

Some posts have mentioned needing RAW on both cards, however I disagree. If you shoot RAW to booth cards, you will notice a huge performance drop (in buffer clearing), for only a tiny benefit. For example, the CF cards I use (ExtremePro) are very reliable, they just keep on going.

So the question is, 'Is it worth having a much smaller buffer, for every shot you take with the camera, to have a RAW backup for the 1 time a year you'll experience card failure?' To me no. I need the buffer space!

I didn't buy a camera which shoots at 10fps with a very large buffer, only to choke it by doubling the data going though it with every shot.

Sorry for the long winded response, but it helps!


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