Aperture 3: Five months on - Are you happy?

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Re: Hmmmm ...

I was having HUGE issues with A3 (locking up, spinning beach ball, very slow). Read somewhere that the issue may be fragmentation (my hard drive was getting full).

I purchased an two external HDs, copied the Aperture file to one, used the other to back it up, and have been lovin life ever since! Performace changed dramatically, only delay now is intial start up to read external drive (not that long at all), and then it flies.

I have not experimented with writing the file back to my iMac so it would be one contiguous file (?). might be interesting to try that - but I am happy with external drive solution.

Alpha Doug wrote:

I'm also thinking you might have some sort of library or file corruption. You could try rebuilding the library. If that doesn't help, then there might be a specific file that is corrupted, and it is difficult to find usually. Also, some have had success using iDefrag. Apparently Aperture files get somewhat fragmented, slowing down access. I can't verify this, but some have reported this.

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Only my opinion. It's worth what you paid for it. Your mileage may vary! ;-}


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