Anybody using the Canon 9000 MKII?

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Re: Anybody using the Canon 9000 MKII?

what ink set are you talking about and what paper were you using? My most recent unscientific fade test shows CLI-8 inkset has excellent fade resistence. I taped prints (both color prints and B&W prints) from my Pro9000II with OEM inks and Hobbicolors inks on my windows for 6 months. Prints are not sealed. After 6 monts, the OEM ink show little sign of fading, while Hobbicolors inks had noticeable fading. I have done similar test in the past (10 years ago with Epson dye inks, 5 years ago with BCI-6 and third party inks). I was amazed at the improvement of current generation dye based inks. someone has reported that OCP dye based inks are even bettern than Canon OEM. If you extrapolate my test result, it's safe to say if you print on quality paper, you won't see fading in a couple of years if display in door.

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