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Re: tips for wedding newbies...

Changing cards every 100 shots is just not practical when things are happening fast. Thats why pros use cameras with dual slots...

You dont need an assistant to shoot a wedding! I have shot many weddings fine by myself. Sure, if you have higher end clients who are willing to pay the extra sallery, then an assistent can be usefull, but pretty much only during the formals. I just ask the couple to arrange one of the guests to serve as my assistant. It have never been a problem.

Regarding Flash diffusers... well flash is THE mood-killer at weddings IMO. With the right gear and technique, you barely ever need flash. Except for outside shots offcourse where I allways use flash, but without a diffuser.

grant Harris wrote:

Some tips for all newcomers to wedding photography

2. Don't use cards bigger than 2GB, if a card should fail you will lose too many photos
3. Have an assistant, to carry, hold reflectors etc

4. Get the assistant to backup cards as you fill them to either a laptop or backup device
5. Have card recovery software and know how to use it
6. Use a decent flash diffuser, no ones wants harsh shadows in the back ground

7. Learn to use your camera fully before shooting your first wedding, don't be tempted to use functions such as auto ISO without understanding how they work.

8. Use lenses with internal motors such as Nikon AF-S, these focus faster and quieter

And key....

Back up your images and back that up.

I use windows home server, this replicates to an internal disk array, that in turn is backed up to 2 external usb drives and onto a web backup service. The Asus web service is very good and offers unlimted storage for a very resonable price.

And don't format cards until you have at least 2 copies.

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