Sigma 10-20 to Sigma 8-16.... Would you, Could you, Should you?

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Re: Sigma 10-20 to Sigma 8-16.... Would you, Could you, Should you?

martin brech wrote:

LSHorwitz1 wrote:

Polarizers will not work on a lens which has such a wide angle of coverage, since the polarization changes its phase / angle over the huge field of view seen by the 8mm focal length.


thank you. Do you think that for a 10mm lens polarizer are also useless?

I really don't know.

I have personally used polarizers only on lenses which are not ultra-wide, but have seen other comments and opinions stating that 8mm is beyond any constant polarizarization.

I would imagine that the specific subject makes a very big difference. An 8mm wide shot of ocean, beach, and sky lit by the sun near sunset at the horizon would be a far different situation from a tall skyscraper shot with noon-day sun overhead lighting.

The 8mm coverage is truly beyond anything I have encountered, and it is so easy to get my shoes into a shot if I am not careful. It really takes some getting used to, and I never have really experimented much with circular polarizers. I am certainly interested to hear what others have learned and can offer on this topic.


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