Anyone using OCP pigment ink?

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I am using the inkset, here's my experience

I am using the OCP Pigment ink for R2400 on my R2400 and 1400. I profile with Spyder3Print. I bought the printer and inks purely for testing because I love to see the longevity of pigment ink but also realize that the pigment inks can not beat the color and clarity of the prints from my Canon Pro9000II

Here's my experience

1. the ink set are good for the money, actually no other supplier can beat the price for the same quality.

2. the color on R2400 are close to OEM, but not exact match. Need profiling to get the best result. Without custome ICC, the color is not acceptable to my standard.

3. The B&W with OCP pigment on R2400 is pretty good. In B&W mode, seems you can get away without profiling.

4. Photo black is good, not the best. L=10 on Epson Ultra Premium glossy paper from my measuring.

5. Yellow is good, cyan and magenta are pretty weak. color gamut is smaller than OEM inks, especially in darker area.

6. when used with 1400, the gamut is pretty limited after profiling. The problem is in the darker area.

7. Never had clogging issue with 1400. some clogging issue with my R2400 but I suspect its the problem of the printer itself. Not all the printers are created equal for the same model. I think it has a lot to do with the seal of each individual printer.

Overall, it's a good inkset. Haven't tested other third party pigment inks. I don't believe any third party pigment ink can beat OEM in all regards despite each vendor's claim. I don't think Cone ink can justify its price given the price of the other good third party inks.

since only sell bulk inks, I hope people on this forum can pool together to buy inks and share the cost. People like me just don't print that much to justify the 16oz minium order per ink. that's the reason I haven't order the OCP ink for my Pro9000II because I still got 2 OZ Hobbicolors inks.

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