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Re: Why Mac then?

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I dont understand.

If you need Windows to run a handfull of apps, but prefer a Mac for all other apps, wouldn't that be a reason to get a Mac?

Depends on the App. If it's a simple, small demanding program like Quicken for Windows that many Mac users seem to want, just buy an inexpensive Windows Laptop.

I just helped my sister-in-law buy a $300 full-featured 15.6" Toshiba Laptop for just that purpose. Sure it only has a Celeron CPU and not a super fast i-Core processor. But more than adequate. She's a Mac person but wanted something to better keep track of her finances.

Now, she has virtually a dedicated machine mostly for her finances with a $57 Hitachi 500GB external drive for backup. (She also carries it to the kitchen to watch Korean Soap Dramas while she is cooking). For $357, sure beats trying to double dip her Mac.

Or she could get a Windows license and VirtualBox and have the same result, except not having to deal with two computers.

Coulda, woulda. But, really, do you think that is a better solution? But then it would be more difficult to carry her iMac to the kitchen to watch those K Dramas. ;(

There's nothing wrong with having more than one computer. Sometimes, it's even better. Like tools, a dedicated one is often more capable than a general purpose one.

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