olympus pen e-p2, what lenses are there for it?

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Re: olympus pen e-p2, what lenses are there for it?

papillon_65 wrote:

ginsbu wrote:

If manual focus lenses are your thing, then you can mount just about anything on the m4/3 cameras with appropriate adaptors (and a willingness to MF and use stop-down metering, of course). The 2x crop factor makes wides not wide, but makes normals into nice portrait lenses and teles more tele.

You don't need to use stop down metering, the cameras automatically adjust exposure as the aperture ring is moved - it's liveview.

I'm not sure exactly what you mean by this ("the cameras automatically adjust exposure as the aperture ring is moved - it's liveview"), as this is true for non-LV cameras (or cameras in non--LV mode) as well. On my E-620 in A mode the camera automatically adjusts exposure as I turn the aperture ring. This is still stop down metering.

I take it that what you mean is that the gain applied for the LV image is increased automatically as you decrease aperture, giving you a bright enough image to focus even while the lens is stopped down. But at smaller apertures and/or lower light conditions the additional gain for LV introduces enough noise to make manual focusing difficult, so depending on the conditions one will still need to focus at a larger aperture and then stop down to take the shot. How small/dim will depend on one's own abilities/tolerances.

Based on experience with my 620 in dim-ish indoor conditions (e.g. ISO1600 f/2.8 1/30), I can MF via the OVF with reasonable accuracy down to f/4 or maybe f/5.6 (depending on subject matter); using LV, I can can focus down to f/5.6 or f/8 (again, depending on subject matter). Based on this it seems like LV gives a 1-2 stop advantage for MF over the OVF for me . I expect other have different abilities with OVF focusing and different tolerances for noise when focusing in LV. In any case, using LV in conditions such as these I would probably focus at no smaller than f/4 and then stop down if I wanted a smaller aperture. As a rule, I can get a sharp handheld shot using IS at shutter speeds where I can't manage stopped down MF via LV (for a given aperture and ISO).

How much of an issue this is depends on what kind of shooting you're doing with MF lenses, of course. It will arise more if you use flash indoors, or with smaller apertures and polarizers or ND filters outdoors. For many, it may be no problem at all.

This is all based on my experience with the 620's LV. Perhaps the m4/3 cameras are much better, but my understanding is that they are not that much better. I'd be interested in hearing others experiences.

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