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Re: It's the same story all over again, the same story all over again

If indeed there is something wrong with all the FZ100s straight out from the factory, I'm sure Panasonic will correct the problem most probably with some firmware update.

I do follow closely Panasonic for years now and have many Panasonic in my possession and there was not even a single time all these years, that any of these Panasonic cameras I owned, let me down by malfunctioning or by their image quality.

As far as noise is concerned, (I hear this everywhere and all the time, so I( thought to make a short reference to it) well that is a very nice and well set up "caramel" fed to the public, by camera manufactures in order to sell their newer models every time.

Everybody speaks of noise, everybody wants less noise, but most forget other image issues, such as PF, CA, edge blurring, corner softening, contrast weakness, edge color separation, jagged edges-lines, e.t.c that are also image quality issues, most of them related to the lens quality.

Anyone of us doing so intense pixel-peeping and especially as resolutions have climbed up to 12-14 Megapixel, is just ruining his/her mood and day.

While I do understand that all of us want the best out of our investment any time, much more attention should be paid to our photographic skills and less to the cameras.
All cameras are good if someone really knows what to do with the camera.
For that last part I'm peaking from personal experience.

As I also wrote in another thread of the same FZ100 topic, trying and alternative camera for the shooting or the upcoming review, will be something that will help more for the final decision/results, but even if the results remain the same, then probably Panasonic knows something more than we do in order to come out with such image quality on the FZ100.

The story is simple. Buy the camera you like, avoid the one you dislike, when it comes to personal taste and preference.

Personally I will wait a little more, see different reviews and different sample pictures taken with different FZ100s and then make up my mind.

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