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Re: Try the same scrim with an alternate mounting technique.

Duncan C wrote:

I've tried literally dozens of different setups, including bounce attachments, mini soft-boxes, etc, etc, hotshoe mounted or on various different flash brackets.

Really, truly, the popup diffuser gives the best light of any of the different setups I've used, and is painless and cheap.

Well I've tried a few things too; not so many because I started with this diffuser pretty early following your advice, and I'm mostly too lazy to carry and setup anything else. But sometimes I am bothered by the light always coming from above And on a few occasions I got unwanted reflections (that weren't there with the ambient light, which was obviously more to the side and less directional), and I had to change composition for this sake as I could not move the light enough (a bit to the left or right is possible when using the external flash, not with the pop-up). So the idea is to replicate the effect with an off-camera SB-800 to get an additional light for such cases, and so far I was quite satisfied with one small softbox, but I had to attach an extra kleenex for more diffusion than by default.

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