Review - eyelead cleaning products

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Review - eyelead cleaning products

For the Canadians out there, had a chance to test out the new line of Eyelead products from Sensuz Media. Turns out these are the same ones sold on as well.

Picked up a lenspen, LRL-1 LED ring loupe, AB-1 Air blower, and the gaining popularity SCK-1 Sensor cleaning kit. (Can I post link here? If not, mods please remove)

The lenspen is what you would expect from any retailer.

The air blower is pretty thin in the rubber bulb, but can move alot of air. It's about 5.5" in length and only 2" wide; so very portable.

The Loupe was the next thing that interested me. Would it actually help me see dust? In simplest terms YES! I was so surprised at how much clearer the sensor became with the lights shining right in. Sure you can use any LED light I guess...but this also enlarged the field of view significantly...

Without loupe

With loupe

Finally, the sensor cleaner. According to the reviews available, and the eyelead website, this is the same technology that Canon Services uses to clean sensors...haven't had anyone from Canon confirm or deny this; so I'll take it as it is for now...

Essentially its a pogo stick with a sticky glob on the end of it.

The deal is you press it down on the sensor, then press it onto some special thin paper than cleans the head. Then repeat as needed.

I have some before and after pics. Both taken indoors at f/22. It is quite amazing to see the difference and much easier to use then the typical Copper Hill Method that I use. (Prolly too small to notice difference)



This is after 1 pass with the sensor.

Overall: EXCELLENT PRODUCTS for value. The Copper Hill Method cost me $50 shipped to Canada for just the kit. Arctic Butterfly Loupe runs $90 CAD.

Yes, I have the Arctic Butterfly loupe, sensor brush, and the Copper Hill Cleaning kit.

Another option for those looking, is to order from directly. It's free shipping on their items and tax free; but you may be hit with taxes/duties on import and the shipping time can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Let me know if anyone has questions...thought this may help out with newer photogs looking for options with all the products floating around out there.

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