olympus pen e-p2, what lenses are there for it?

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An explanation of the Four Thirds lens lineup

Canon's lens lineup has developed more or less organically, where Canon says "Hey, I bet we can sell an 85/1.2, somebody go make one", and they do. So, over the years, Canon's lens list has no real order to it.

Olympus, having built a system from scratch recently, planned out the lens lineup (more or less) in advance for Four Thirds. You can use all of the 4/3 lenses on your m4/3 with an adapter. It's too early to tell on the m4/3 lenses, as we're just at the beginning of that.

The system works like this: there are "standard", "high", and "super-high" grade lenses, with all types (ultrawide, standard, etc.) covered in each range. Standard is standard; high is on par with Canon's L series, and super-high is on par with the best of the Canon L's. Here's the full list:


9-18 f/4-5.6
14-42 f/3.5-5.6
40-150 f/4-5.6
70-300 f/4-5.6
35 f/3.5 macro
18-180 f/4-6.3 superzoom
25 f/2.8 pancake


11-22 f/2.8-3.5
14-54 f/2.8-3.5
12-60 f/2.8-4
50-200 f/2.8-3.5
50 f/2 macro
8 f/3.5 fisheye


7-14 f/4
14-35 f/2
35-100 f/2
150 f/2
90-250 f/2.8
300 f/2.8

These will all work on your E-P2 with an adapter, but some will focus faster than others since they are specifically designed for high-speed contrast detect autofocus. These are: 14-42, 40-150, 70-300 (I think), 25 pancake, 14-54.

There are a few more lenses from Panasonic and Sigma.

Somebody else can answer about the dedicated m4/3 stuff, as I don't follow it too closely.

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