GF1 P.A.S.M Movie Modes now Available!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: GF1 P.A.S.M Movie Modes now Available!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ashatron wrote:

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mikerivera wrote:

So to use on my GF1, do I actually load the hacked firmware from the GH1 or do I try to run the PTool hack on the GF1 firmware that I have to download form the Panasonic site?

Is there a link to "simple" instructions on how to do this for a GF1 (everything I read says GH1)?

I'm able to run PTools and see the GH1 firmware within PTools, but don't understand what to do to get it on the GF1.


  • Mike

After a few hours I got it downloaded and working. Thanks!

  • Mike

what did you do in the end mike? im about to try it myself you see

1. I downloaded the latest GF1 firmware update from the Panasonic website as well as the PTool software from here:

2. I then put them both in the same directory, ran Ptool, and loaded the firmware into Ptool.

3. I then selected all the boxes I wanted to hack and saved the new firmware in the root directory of an SD card.

4. I put the card into the camera, turned it on, and pressed the play button "> ". It uploaded the new firmware and I now can select P, A, S, or M via the video menu. As soon as you move the top control wheel it goes back to standard Panasonic default video.

I have a Mac, so I had to do all this from within Parallels (runs Windows on a Mac), but it worked fine.

Works great - good luck!

  • Mike

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