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Re: Try the same scrim with an alternate mounting technique.

sem wrote:

Have you noticed the effect of flash zoom position on the lightning with this diffuser?

Duncan C wrote:

Mounting a diffuser (scrim) on the flash makes it too far from the subject, and too directional.

How about a small flash-mounted soft-box (Lumiquest), and the flash mounted on some sort of a bracket so that the diffuser screen is close to the subject?

The directionality depends a lot on the screen material. Less opaque ones diffuse effectively but eat a lot of light. Those very thin eat less light but leave too much directional light; but you can add another layer perhaps.

I haven't experimented a lot with bounce-cards yet but I do believe they should be useful as well. But I guess a large card is required, and placed so that there is a bright central spot on it, with a considerable less bright edge of the card remaining. And that the flash could be on a simple straight bracket, closer to the subject.

I've tried literally dozens of different setups, including bounce attachments, mini soft-boxes, etc, etc, hotshoe mounted or on various different flash brackets.

Really, truly, the popup diffuser gives the best light of any of the different setups I've used, and is painless and cheap.

To get it working with my stereo macro lens I just need a circular ring mounted to the focus guide up near the focal point of the lens. This will give me the same effect I get when I attach the diffuser to the barrel of my regular macro lens.

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