Noise & lack of sharpness in 7D image

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Re: Noise & lack of sharpness in 7D image

Nishi Sharma wrote:

shalamov wrote:

7D files are too soft and noisy, even when taken at iso 100.

Fortunately I bought that body as a backup for 5D / 5D MKII, sent it few days ago

to Canon center to check if body is working properly, since most of my images from Tanzania, Philippines, Bali are too soft and have unacceptable amount of noise.

For anyone who take images just for fun, 7D is great camera, for anyone who shoot for stock agencies it's not as good as advertised.

That confirms my fears. I am a wedding photographer and am glad that I didn't risk taking any serious shots last weekend at a wedding with the 7D. I had it as a back up. Actually on 7D the 24-105 f4 is a great focal length for group shots and CUs.

I would be interested to know if any wedding or stock photographers are using 7D for stills. Until now I have been shooting HD movies with it and the results are pin sharp and really outstanding.

I don't know what the issue is with your 7D and 24~105 but you should be seeing as sharp or sharper of an image at the pixel level as a D200 and with less noise. I can only assume that your image posted is slightly OoF and a bit underexposed. Canon is not always the best with QC for AF and lens calibration and that may be part of the problem especially if you're increasing sharpening levels to compensate for soft OoC images. Doing so will increase the apparent noise in the image.

The first thing you need to do is check the body and lens for AF calibration which is quite simple. Mount the camera on a tri-pod, zoom the lens to 105mm at f4, use center point or center point spot in single shot mode. Shoot 5 shots of a flat contrasty target in good light in large/fine JPEG or RAW and defocus the lens between each shot. Now enable liveview and use contrast AF to take another shot. Use the 2 second timer or a remote release if you have one. Compare the area where you forcused on the images on the camera LCD at maximum magnification. If the liveview shot using contrast AF is noticeably sharper than the 5 using phase AF then you need to micro-adjust your lens to the body. If the 5 images from phase AF vary in sharpness significantly between each other you may have a calibration issue that is beyond in-camera adjustment and the camera and lens may need to be serviced by Canon.

If you find the lens and body are not in calibration let me know and I'll then provide instructions on doing the micro-adjust.


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