POLL: Why do you buy camera gear?

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Re: No, it's sarcasm

Tony Beach wrote:

I find your OP somewhat silly. If I wanted trinkets or goodies to decorate my home (or my closet for that matter), I personally wouldn't run out and spend absurd amounts of money on lenses and cameras; instead, I would buy old antique camera gear for that. I don't shoot charts to test my gear because I like looking at charts, I do it so that I know how the gear will perform in the field.

Actually, lots of people do spend "absurd amounts of money" on " trinkets or goodies to decorate" their home all the time. By the way, you are the one who said that is why you buy cameras, not me.

I'm trying to imagine the same question being asked of me as it regards my bicycle, or of anyone else as it regards their hobby of choice. I think only in these photography forums do such insulting insinuations get routinely leveled against other participants.

If you feel insulted then maybe you feel that one answer is inferior to the other. I am not sure why you feel that way. I made it very clear in my OP. No insinuations.

I wonder why I didn't feel any insult when I read the question and then replied to it?


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