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Re: Try the same scrim with an alternate mounting technique.

Have you noticed the effect of flash zoom position on the lightning with this diffuser?

Duncan C wrote:

Mounting a diffuser (scrim) on the flash makes it too far from the subject, and too directional.

How about a small flash-mounted soft-box (Lumiquest), and the flash mounted on some sort of a bracket so that the diffuser screen is close to the subject?

The directionality depends a lot on the screen material. Less opaque ones diffuse effectively but eat a lot of light. Those very thin eat less light but leave too much directional light; but you can add another layer perhaps.

I haven't experimented a lot with bounce-cards yet but I do believe they should be useful as well. But I guess a large card is required, and placed so that there is a bright central spot on it, with a considerable less bright edge of the card remaining. And that the flash could be on a simple straight bracket, closer to the subject.

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