Oly 410 or Pen2 or Panny GF1

Started Aug 7, 2010 | Discussions thread
Ulfric M Douglas Veteran Member • Posts: 4,756
Re: Oly 410 or Pen2 or Panny GF1

I see photodog has the same advice I was about to give;

photodog25 wrote:

... I would just take the 620 with 14-54 and the pancake.

I have both the Oly e-410 and the e-600(e-620) and when I go to pick them up sometimes I can't tell the difference! Such a similar size. The e-620 does deal with highlights better, has far more customiseability : a better picture-taking machine.
Isn't the 14-54 lens a bit heavy though?

How about the 14-42 kit zoom : mine is a good lens! Yeah I'd take both kit zooms and an old 50mm prime, but that's me.

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