G11: IS and poor memory.

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Re: G11: IS and poor memory.

Stephenbw wrote:

I have a poor memory and it is not getting any better with age.

The problem I have is that I am out on a photo-walk and decide to take some shots using a small tripod. I have usually taken a dozen or so before I remember to turn off the G11's IS.

However the bigger problem occurs when I revert to handheld for the majority of my shots and I invariably forget to turn IS back on. I did this yesterday and kept wondering why many of my shots weren't sharp when I reviewed them on the LCD and it was over an hour before I realised that IS was still off.

When most of the camera settings are displayed permanently on the LCD why does the IS icon only stay on the screen for a few seconds at start up and why is IS not an option for the shortcut button? Are there technical reasons for this or is or they just 'design' decisions.

If either of these changes were made it would, imo, be a big improvement and make my life a lot easier.

Or is it only me that has this problem?

You received a lot of answers but they didn't really answer your question. I think the solution is simple. I have a G10 but I guess this works the same on the G11. The IS icon can be displayed all the time. In the menu choose 'Custom display...' and set the checkmark after 'Shooting info'. Then you get one of four different icons displayed continuously on your screen: IS continuous, IS shoot only, IS panning or IS off.

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