"Olympus camera sales down by 18%"

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Re: "Olympus camera sales down by 18%"

Honestly, having observed the market and the sales of NEX. Olympus need to announce and launch in time of Christmas, two new M43 models and possibly some new lens at Photokina.

1. An E-P4 GH-1 body type camera for $999 that will replace the E-P2.

  • Must have a high res EVF and articulated LCD and very good ISO 3200 performance.

  • AF must be as fat as GF-1.

  • Should probably ship with two lens kits (no 14-42), one with a Pancake and one with a fast mid range zoom.

2. An E-P3 (to replace E-P1)....similar look to current E-P1, Cost -$699.

  • Must have smaller body, if they can cut 1cm of each dimension that would be amazing!

  • AF must be as fat as GF-1.

  • Must have high res LCD, same better performing sensor as the E-P4, can ship with 14-42 kit lens.

3. Refresh of the E-PL1....drop price to say $449, new colors, and two body kits, one with the 17mm pancake and one with the 14-42mm lens.

4. I know Olympus makes more money of the lens than the body, but they should seriously consider dropping the price of their lens, especially the 17mm pancake which costs only $100 US less than the panasonic 20mm (279 vs 379). That lens would be a hot seller at $199.

In terms of new Lens.....well I'm not sure what the majority hear would want. I myself want a new prime at 50mm 2.0.

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