Any M9 Concert shooters?

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Kristian Dowling Regular Member • Posts: 284
M9 vs D3s

As much as I love my M9, the D3s is a FAR more capable tool for low light usage.

Especially with fast zoom lenses, the D3s grabs me wonderful keepers. Sure I'd be happy to shoot the M9 for concerts but in difficult situations I can work the D3s much faster.

I shoot major events, including concerts as the house photographer and as much as I'd 'prefer' to grab the M9, I grab the 'more capable' camera to fulfill the job for my client's needs, not missing a moment - D3s. Faster focus, zoom lenses, better high ISO's, jpeg quality better and higher frame rate which is very important these days.

If it's a shoot for me personally, like Steve did for Seal, sure the M9 is fine and capable enough. When the pressure is on to 'not' miss any important moments, then an AF SLR will always be more capable hands. Steve did do nice job of Seal's images but what you're not seeing is his 'keeper rate' which I would expect to be pretty low compared to SLR images in regards to focusing, especially for moving action sequences.

I recently shot a gig in Malaysia with Katy Perry and the expectations from her crew and the client are exceptionally high and I would not depend on my M9 to shoot it, especially when I'm also 50 feet away - go to 'performance' tab for examples

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