Sigma 10-20 to Sigma 8-16.... Would you, Could you, Should you?

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Re: Sigma 10-20 to Sigma 8-16.... Would you, Could you, Should you?

jrarsenault wrote:

I currently have a Sigma 10-20 lens and have enjoyed using this Ultra Wide Angle (UWA) for over a year. It's great for architectural, landscape, seascape and interior shooting.

I've been contemplating the switch to the newer Sigma 8-16. My question is to those who own the Sigma 8-16 and have upgraded or switched from another UWA lens......

1. In your opinion, is it worth the upgrade/switch or is there hardly any difference? Does the extra 2 mm on the wide side make a significant difference?

yes......2mm is much, 14 degree more than the 10mm

2. Are you satisfied with the build and optical quality of the newer lens?

still trying the optical quality
but the build quality is very goog

3. From which lens did you make the switch (if any)? (i.e. Canon 10-22, Tokina 11-16, Sigma 10-20, etc.)

this is my first UWA lens, so i cannot say much in this

What is the street price of the Sigma 8-16?

around 700$

Feel free to post any photos from the Sigma 8-16, preferably with EXIF.

will do very soon

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