When M4/3 can be a bargain

Started Aug 5, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Golf is my cover story

Every once in awhile my wife seems to want to revisit our agreement that whatever I earn from my cameras, I can spend on that particular habit, without any reservations. I'm fortunate that a lot of what I've shot is of interest to people who buy photography, so I get to have the gear I want, and still end up with funding family vacations.

Then my wife starts thinking, gee, what if we maximized profit... and my standard move is to say, no problem... but I'm going to take up golf now, so I'll be needing... and the list is very long, makes having Nikon DSLR, m4/3, and large format setups look like I'm thrifty. Didn't used to be that expensive, but I'm grateful that it has become so...

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