Thoughts on going from crop to full frame...

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Re: Thoughts on going from crop to full frame...

When I first bought my 5D, I compared the Iq to that of my old 300D and was shocked to find out how well the old camera did.

My biggest differences: Canon's best lenses have their most useful focal lengths in the full-frame FOV. So for example, I find that the ouitstanding 70-200 zooms are much more useful for me, who does a lot of portrait photography, than on a cropped frame camera. The excellent 24-105 f4 L IS is more useful as a general purpose lens on a full frame camera than on a cropped frame. When I bought my 24 mm f3.5 L TS-E it was the widest tilt-shift on the market--much mre useful on a full frame than cropped frame camera for the architectural work I do. People olve the 10-22 on a cropped frame camera--I do almost as well with the Tamron 17-35 f2.8-4 on my full frame camera and it is a lot cheaper.

The other thing I notgiced was much better low-light performance. That may very well have changed with the new generation of cameras. However, my 5D has been a lot better (1.5 stops) than my 40D.

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