Best third-party ink for an Epson r2880

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Re: Best third-party ink for an Epson r2880

I have bought a used R2400 and am also interested at using third party inks. In a previous post I asked about anyone using OCP pigment ink, and gave a UK supplier. I stand corrected, the UK supplier does not supply pigment ink in the compatible cartridges listed for the R2400, they have written and informed me that dye based ink is in all their cartridges. I have checked with a couple of other UK companies and again for the R2400 they supply dye ink! Fine if you want prints only to last a year or so. Beware of cheaper so called compatibles.

The Cone refillable cartridges at first glance look attractive, I am pretty sure that the ink is good quality, however, on reading their instruction leaflet I see that one or two head cleans may be required after each refill - ink wasted!

Anyone on the forum got any feedback on their use of Cone refillable cartridges to enlighten both the OP and myself as to their use?

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