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Re: What is the size of the hole in the diffuser?

Lynn David Cole wrote:

Thanks Duncan,

I will have to think about your modification idea.

It would be nice if they offered different sizes.

Lynn David Cole

I agree. That would be helpful.

Another challenge: I have a stereo macro lens I use to create anaglyph and other stereo images (the kind you need red/cyan colored 3D glasses to see: Check out this link if you have a pair: )

Here's a picture of the lens:

So far I've just used a flash in the hotshoe, sometimes with a lumiquest bounce attachment. It's not as good as the pop-up diffuser.

I need to figure out a way to attach the pop-up diffuser for this specialized lens. The diffuser needs to attach to the focus guide mounted to the front of the lens. I figure I need to fabricate a metal hoop large enough to shoot through, bolt that to the focus guide near the subject position, and put my pop-up diffuser around the hoop, as if the hoop was the front of a lens barrel.

Duncan C

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