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Japan Market - interesting comments

Thanks for your input pandalee.

It is interesting to get your perspective of the Japanese camera market, especially, the resent drop in 5D2 vs D700.

I have often wondered why Canon photographers never complained about the lack of spot metering at all AF points like Nikon has. I could use that feature all the time.

I did however, always think the 5D3 would only come after the 1Ds4.

pandalee wrote:

rrcphoto wrote:

I doubt the 5D3 will be out this year to be honest, and it wouldn't make sense to be out prior to the DsIV.

may I ask ? what do you think of the possiblity the 1DS line already discontinued because of the Pentax 645D at that surprise price?

and Canon may decide to go only one 1D series with FF like Nikon.

I mean TH said once Nikon will discontinue the D3X line after the D4 generation.

that would leave the flagship severly antiquated and outsold by a lower model by a high degree of significant improvement went into the AF / metering (aka 7D).

I cannot comment on that for now.

however I'm curious to what you are discussing as far as "this market segment" but all accounts the 5D2 is selling quite well.

in US market ,yes the 5D2 was selling well until this spring.

but in Japan and some Asian markets, the 5D2 did not sell well.

it is hugely discounted now, 182745yen here including the sells tax and 5year warranty package.

the 24-105f4LIS kit is priced 265000yen with the sell tax again.

it hasn't dropped of the face of the planet like the sony Axxx series bodies on amazon, etc. and the FF models are never designed to be as mass sellers as consumer DSLR's.

yeah Sony is struggling more and more and Sony is now going FF-less again.

this is why I decided not to get Sony A900 but only NEX5 for now.

I'm agreeing with the OP on this theory actually .. I think Thom mentioned that both nikon / canon were shortening the stock a year ago - or that was his hypothesis. both nikon / canon are having out of stock scenarios on a variety of things, lenses, cameras, assessories, et all.

yeah he was right on lenses and basically on cameras.

but the 5D2 was selling well initially and sudenly became bad for Canon.....

so, I guess Canon could not guess this sudden sells drop of the 5D2 happen this soon.
it is now 25th on Japanese D-SLR sells ranking , while the D700 is no6.

in May the 5D2 was no6 and the D700 was 25th.

and 80 percent of pros at South Africa used Nikon and so Canon will do something serous very fast or continuously lose the pro or semi pro makert to Nikon.

any way , for Canon I am sure the 5D2 or any 5D series body is much more important than 1DS line body sicne 1Ds line does not make much money any way, because of the low sells volume.

so, I think Canon will discard the 1ds line altogether and make new 1D5 high megapixel, super fast camera with pro build quality.

I'm also amused by the "true spot metering" but that's something else all together.

Canon does not have spot metering like any of Nikon cameras , I mean it cannot use any other point than center to spot meter.

this is very silly and this is the main reason why I dont use my 5D2 in very complex lighting, it canot meter well in harsh contral light scene.

in fact , this very primitive metering system of the 5D2 is much more seiros issue than the low ISO banding or AF speed or lack of it.

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