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Kuivaamo Senior Member • Posts: 2,248
Re: automated sensor cleaning - mostly a marketing gimmick

Photog74 wrote:

Kuivaamo wrote:

"The final conclusion: keep your air blower handy, it is still your best tool against dust."

I have read that article and it also has this in there:

"Olympus E-300

The system that was first introduced seemed to work quite well."

If Nikon's system is as effective as Olympus', it shoulg be a valid reason to switch. The original poster should really ask a few D60 owners about that.

When you compare the effectiveness of the Oly dust buster against how well the air blower did, by looking at the samples, I wouldn't call that worth giving up the much better ergonomics. Like the conclusion stated, an air blower is much more effective.

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