Using T2i 550D as a camcorder

Started Aug 5, 2010 | Discussions thread
englishman Contributing Member • Posts: 945
Re: Using T2i 550D as a camcorder

I would disagree with you that the t2i is inferior to a camcorder.

In terms of usability, I might agree with you. You can't simply go out to a soccer game and expect to get a good quality, in-focus video of your kid playing the game. Ergonomics are horrible. No articulating screen sucks.

But if you take the time to set up your shots, and you have a specific outcome in mind, and your camera's steady, the results you can get from a DSLR are far superior to most video cameras.

I prefer these results to anything I can get from a consumer-level camcorder. It's far better (quality wise) than anything I've ever been able to produce with any other camera or video camera I've owned.

I'm not sure how you edited / rendered your video, but it's very jumpy and has severe compression artifacts.

I really like the scene of the bee on the flower. Very nice.

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