B9180 and Color Mgt in CS5.

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Re: B9180 and Color Mgt in CS5.

To disable color management in CS5 you first have to enable it. Yeah, that sounds crazy, but Adobe does this to work around all the problems Apple managed to introduce into the printing flow.

  1. Assign a profile - any profile as long as it is the correct mode (i.e. RGB vs CMYK) - to your image.

  2. File-> Print.

  3. Choose Photoshop manages color

  4. Select the same profile as you chose in step 1 as the printer profile

  5. Choose Relative Colorimetric rendering intent and uncheck the Black Point Compensation box. These two points are critical!

  6. Set up the printer driver in the normal manner -- all color management disabled, corrections off, etc.

  7. Say your prayers, sacrifice a chicken or two, and print.

rddelliott wrote:

How do you turn off color management in Photoshop CS5 to be able to profile your printer/paper combination with Colormunki? Mac Pro running 10.6.4. You help is appreciated.

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