Is anyone else seeing similar distortion with a nikkor 24-70mm & D90 combo?

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Flat view
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Is anyone else seeing similar distortion with a nikkor 24-70mm & D90 combo?

After a couple sessions with the new nikon 24-70mm F/2.8 lens on my D90 camera,

I began noticing some very pronounced distortion coming from this lens. To put the distortion in perspective, I took a few pictures of a graph paper taped against a flat wall at various focal lengths.
Below are 3 pictures (all at F/2.8):




The 70mm is about as good it gets with minor distortion still present (odd?).

At 28mm the distortion is quite pronounced, and the 24mm is expectedly the worst.

What really bothers me is the distortion is quite complex, with the right side of the
image distorting stronger than the left. I checked with Photoshop CS5 for lens
correction profile, and it did not have any available for the D90+24-70mm combo.

At this point, the distortion is so severe as to make the images look unpleasant

for me. Therefore I've pretty much decided I will be returning this lens. However,

I hate to lose all the other qualities this lens can offer, so I wanted to check if

anyone else is seeing similar issue with this lens/camera combination, or if this is
a problem for this particular lens I received?

Any help, tip, or your own photo samples will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Flat view
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