Using T2i 550D as a camcorder

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Re: Using T2i 550D as a camcorder

I think your video is excellent and I am really impressed with the video from the T2i. There is a richness and detail to the texture and color that is simply impossible to get with a consumer class camcorder with a tiny sensor. This is really evident in your video on the texture of the rocks and things like that. I think if you had used a tripod with a video head it would take care of the little jitters... but its very nice the way it is. I would be interested to know what lens you used as well. The raw quality of the video coming out of anything at this price point is such a leap forward.... especially considering most of us in the canon system have already made the investment in good glass. I have been going back and forth between purchasing a t2i or an s90... and while I understand those 2 cams are apples and oranges the video is certainly compelling, and it would allow me to pull even more value out of my large collection of EF lenses.
Dan Scheele
Hermosa Beach, California, USA

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