ColorMunki + Monitor Brightness Value

Started Aug 4, 2010 | Discussions thread
FaciaBrut Contributing Member • Posts: 555
Re: ColorMunki + Monitor Brightness Value

5% brightness setting is about right for a brand new monitor. Brand new, my 2209WA measured at close to 120cd/m2 luminance at 0% Brightness setting, all other controls left at defaults. This was measured with a Spyder3 Elite.

A year and half later, I set the Brightness to 15% to achieve 120cd/m2 luminance. I've experimented with this monitor using lower luminance values and I firmly believe that 120cd/m2 is optimum, 110cd/m2 is the absolute lowest you'd want to go.

I have no problems with dark prints. I calibrate in a very dark room and edit my images in dim light.

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