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Re: About Silkypix (Pro and SE) and Lightroom 3.0

This has been a very inspiring thread. While I may not share Detail Man's obsession for sharpness and detail, I have learned much here. It has made me experiment - that is the most valuable feature of digital. You can test, learn and make your own decisions at no cost and very quickly.

I have decided for ME (maybe no one else) that my LX-3 is useable at ISO 800 and 1600 at RAW. The noise is uniform and can be improved in software. I was so put off by the "worm" shaped noise of JPEG that I had kissed off high ISO.

I also decided to try LR3, Silkypix and DeNoise5 on the same picture. Probably prefer LR3 for ease of use and fitting into my workflow. DeNoise does best job on making a smooth picture but at detail loss. Silkypix does the worst and just seems clunky to use as compared to LR3

Thanks to Detail Man for making me look at the options

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