24 1.8d sharpness ?

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Re: 24 1.8d sharpness ?

Truth be told all of these lenses look about the same stopped down. If you want sharp for landscapes go medium format, other wise go shoot what you have and enjoy. I have an old 24-85 AF-s that Nikon decided to discontinue because it was to damn sharp for it's cheap price - that performs beautifully so I never needed the 24-70 f2.8 and waited for and purchased the 24 f1.4 which words cannot describe on my D700 in low light. Happy shooting.


I have both lenses, though I never really warmed up to the 24F2.8D. I could run out and do some sort of impromptu test if you like, if you can give me an idea of a good comparison subject to run. (I could do a block wall...)

I actually have numerous choices at 24mm.

While I've never run a test, my gut feel has been that the 12-24 is the best overall at 24.

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