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Re: Lighting macros

Duncan C wrote:
Don't you find the cubelight to create flat, shadowless light?

No, actually quite the opposite.

The studio cubelite is very big (over 6ft tall and 40 ins wide & deep) it allows one to start from a zero shadow environment...and to then introduce shadow effect as desired....which is much better than having 'unwanted' shadow/patterns to begin with...and then having to eliminate or control them.

Also, being able to 100% control the light source from every angle (including underneath the subject) offers a lot of versatility.

And besides, it's a myth that a diffuser tent creates a flat image....anymore, than say a diffused lamp would with an attached softbox. Diffused light is just that...and the 'source' of that diffusion does not change...whether it be via diffuser material in 3 or 4 softboxes.....or 3 or 4 diffuser walls of a tent.

As with any shooting setup, it's up to the photographer to create an optimal end result.


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