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I agree with your choice of lighting...Yes, a soft, diffused ambient light source is the best way to go. I don't shoot insects myself...but macro florals and closeup flower shots are my forte.

One downside of this setup is that since the diffuser is so close to the subject, the light falls off VERY rapidly behind the subject.

(This is because of the inverse square law. If the diffuser is 2 inches from the subject, then objects 4 inches from the subject will be 2 stops darker, and objects 8 inches from the subject will be 16 times darker (unlit)

Here's a few examples:

For indoor studio work I use 3 or 4 ALZO Digital 600W continuous FL (5600K) diffused heads with a Lastolite studio cubelite setup.

Don't you find the cubelight to create flat, shadowless light?

BTW, nice pics.


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