D90 Owners Dreading Release of New Model?

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Re: Lousy golfers

JRSphoto wrote:

I think you missed something. Try reading it again. I won't be crying the blues because I don't have something. Rather I will be using what I have.

I will leave the never ending making sure to have the latest and greatest to those that in my experience take lousy photos even with the best equipment. The D95 won't help.

It is like rich golfers. They always have to have the latest clubs but they are still are no good at the game.

Everyone thinks they need a "Bigger Bertha made of depleted uranium for strength"...right?

Bigger Bertha = FX

Depleted Uranium = Increased MP's

Rumor's of new models = time that could be better spent on learning something...

...at least for me anyways...we are simply human and very susceptible to something called "advertising"...advertising takes features and tried to show benefits.

Let me advertise the D90 for you now that it is two years old:

-No buggy firmware....it's reliable

-Video capability is pretty decent...if something happens while taking pictures you "must capture on video" you got it.

-Outstanding Image Quality....even if you slap it on Auto you get great shots

-More low light ability than a D300s...put things in perspective....it's great at low light with low noise and that means lot's of creative potential.

-It's "right sized".... Goldilocks of cameras

-Lots of room to grow...if you master a D90 and you inherit a D3x and will be good to go.

-What's the worst case scenario when the new model comes out..???

Rockwell will compare it to the D90 and show everyone what we are missing.

Just kidding Kenny

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