What Type Of SD Card Do I Need?...

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Ludvig Senior Member • Posts: 1,547
Re: clearly you don't know what you are talking about

Please read my post before you answer. Thanks!

PawelWoj wrote:
Most likely your card reader is slow !

Ludvig wrote:

Well, my Class 6 Sandisk 16Gb Extreme III SD card writes 16Mb/sec and reads 19Mb/sec (tested this using 53 CR2 files at 1Gb size and a SD card reader). This is pretty slow comparing to other tests, but good enough for me.

Checked the wikipedia site, and it says a class 6 card reads at 6Mb/sec, so something is wrong there.

By the way, I have used this Class 6 card for both 720 and 1080 video, and it works fine.


stomrunner wrote:

Class 6 (or 40x) = 6 MB, NOT 48 MB as your said.

There is a difference between megabit and megabyte. 1MB = 8Mbit
Google makes life easy, but you still need to process what you read.

Also note that a SD card may be rated at 48Mbit, but it may not perform up to the task. Manufacturers lie all the time.

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