Stuck - focal lenght efficiency, what to have in a lens setup

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Re: If you want small and capable.

Thanks again Thomas and the rest of you! Impressive!

Now I really like that 70-300 VR, I know its hard to determine through pixelpeeping, but Im convinced, impressive and thanks Thomas.
So: I'm buying that lens today.

In regards to the 16-85 VR versus my 18-70 I know it doesnt go much wider but it ads VR (like you commented) and is much sharper than my 18-200. Sure, I loose some mm at the long end, but then I pick up my new 70-300 VR and blow my current 18-200 VR out of the water.
So: I'm buying that one too, but later on..

10-24mm: Its on the to buy list, but I think I'll wait.

18-70mm: Its a keeper for now.

18-200 VR: Selling it. I once could live with its compromises, but its getting harder. Its not bad at all really, but not as fun as it used to be. Its actually quite boring.

70-300 G: Selling it.

16-35 f4: Yeah, I know of the 1,5 crop factor, but the thing that I keep having in the back of my mind is that it probaly is going to withstand the test of time better than any amatueur DX lens. Just like my old pro 80-200 2.8 does.
But, its not on the buy list as yet.

But what about that macro comment? Well, getting the 105mm VR is also tempting but I dont do macro. "But you can use it for head shots as well" some of you may say, but generally I'm all to happy with my 80-200 for that.
Its on the buy list, but not now as well.


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