Dye type printer papers

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Re: Dye type printer papers

dye printers can print on a lot of surfaces as long as the surfaces dry fast enough to not smear as it leaves the printer.

However, longevity of a dye print can be EXTREMELY bad if printed on some surfaces that are no guaranteed for longevity with that PARTICULAR dye ink formulation.

The best example is the oldest photo dye ink sets from the epson stylus color.

I used to print photos with mine, and within two days there was often a huge amount of magenta drift. It wasn't even drift such as "hm. something looks a little off with that photo" It was more like "what the hell is wrong with that picture!?"

The longest a print lasted me was about 21 days I think.

Anyway, modern dye inksets are a lot better on any medium, but I wouldn't bet on years of longevity except on manufacturer guaranteed papers.

From that standpoint pigment inks are far better as they may fade as well, but it will generally take MUCH longer.


William Pesch wrote:

I see mention of many type of papers here in this forum and have some questions.

Basically, can dye type printers print on canvas (paper)? Silk type paper? Are these really canvas and silk or are they photo paper with a special surface or texture?

What about some of the other special papers mentioned therein?

Or, can dye type printers only print on generic type 'swellable' papers? Ceramic coated?

Thank you,

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