E-PL1 Moon Shot

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haunma wrote:

AlanKl wrote:

When I compared anti-shock with regular time delay, I found that anti-shock live view goes off immediately when presseing the shutter indicating one potential shake function happens before the shutter opens. With regular time-delay, the live view goes off at the end of the delay when the shutter opens adding to the shake at the beginning of exposure. I'm not quite sure what physical thing is happening that is eliminated but there is a difference between the two modes. (Anyone know?)

Remember what has to happen to take a shot:

1) close shutter (it was open to enable live view)
2) open/close shutter (to get the proper exposure)
3) open shutter (to go back to live view)

The anti-shock setting does #1 as you press the shutter button, which is why your live view disappears right away. Then it waits a programmable time until #2 and #3. I feel less vibration from operation #2 than operation #1, and I'm not sure why that should be the case. But it does mean that anti-shock can help.

You did answer my question and did explain why anti-shock has less vibrations than regular time-delay. With anti-shock you eliminate the double bounce when the shutter opens for the exposure. It only has to open because it already was closed at the beginning when you hit the shutter release button and is now waiting the delay time to only have to open. With time-delay shutter release, the shutter closes and opens at one time at the beginning of the exposure so you get a double bounce.

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