Advice from Pro Music Photographers please

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Re: Advice from Pro Music Photographers please

cmoney wrote:

yes but for some people, getting into a show for free and having special access is payment enough. lots of others in the music industry do it for a love of the music, early access to unreleased music, backstage access, parties, freebies, etc.

i'd guess quite a few of the established-but-not-so-big music web sites started up for exactly this reason.

You are 100% correct a lot of people do this for the Love of Music and there is nothing wrong with it…

People start their own music blog’s or webzines etc. They do their own photography and their own reviews or with a friend. Totally cool with that because they are working for themselves.

My problem is where theses established magazines and webzines are taking advantage of photographers… by not paying them and profiting off the photographers. NOT COOL

1. these days you are lucky to get 3 songs to shoot. And 90 % of the time you will get escorted out. It also depends on the Venue. Madison Square Garden for example, even if you have a ticket you will NOT be able to stay if you keep your equipment with you.
2. Backstage access ONLY if you are a friend of the Tour Manager or the Band.
3. There are no more freebies

And now…. not only you get nothing for your photographs because every one expects it for free but also you may need to GIVE UP YOUR COPYRIGHT to the Artist.
A music Fan will not care but as a photographer YOU SHOULD CARE.

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