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Re: mixing calibration manufacturers

The i1d2 is an x-rite solution.

x-rite's other products are :

colormunki (spectrophotometer which also does monitors),
i1pro (higher end pro level spectrophotometer also does monitors),
i1io (neato looking robotic scanning arm which automates the i1pro),

i1isis (top of the line automated spectro with automated uv/no-uv scan switching)

I have a colormunki AND an i1isis. I love them both...


robogobo wrote:

FaciaBrut wrote:

Monitor and printer calibration are totally independent operations. One has no effect on the other. I would continue using the EyeOne Display 2 to calibrate your monitor. The standard Epson paper profiles are reputed to be excellent. Any third party paper supplier will provide their own profiles for the 3880.

So what I'm saying is a printer calibration device should not be necessary for the 3880.

Good news all around. I'll give the default profiles a shot and wait until one day I can borrow a profiler and compare.

Thanks a bunch.

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