50-200 + ex25 macro

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50-200 + ex25 macro

Small Tortoiseshell

Rose chafer

About the first macro shots with this lens... First impressions: why didn't I buy this earlier! Yes, it is good: sharp, contrasty, nice tones, bokeh usually quite good (esp. macros!) Fast enough.

Second impressions: man, this is heavier than 70-300...

Third impressions: For macros, with EX25: sharp, sharp, sharp. But the suitable scale is limiting - good for butterflies, bees etc, but smaller things are difficult, and the focusing area could be more versatile... Somebody, make a 10-15mm extension tube with connections, but without chips, to be used alone or with ex25! Why there has to be a chip inside extension tube anyway? Aperture control and wide open focusing is a must!

OK. This is not a dedicated macro lens, Bugma might be better for these shots. And 50mm lens is even sharper. But this will make a good birding lens alone and with tc14, maybe also with tc20.

PS. E3, IS on, handheld - these are not the best this lens can offer. Still learning to use this lens...

Thanks for looking. C&C welcome.


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Flat view
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