"Can You Believe Yours Eyes

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bremzer Regular Member • Posts: 120
Raw vs jpeg: same difference

When it comes to the trust that can be afforded a piece of digital recording, camera-manufactured raw is in no way superior to the camera-manufactured jpeg.

To someone who only uses "pre-written" software, apparently fewer programs that one has access to in order to manipulate raw images vs. relative abundance of programs that will manipulate jpegs might suggest that there is something inherent in the file type that makes raw more difficult to forge. That is far from being the case: both are just a stream of 1's and 0's, and even a modicum of understanding of what the interpretation of those 1's and 0's is enables one to write a perfectly serviceable forging program. Consequently, a digital image should never be consider trustworthy on its own, whether raw or jpeg.

To what extent and under what circumstances should the courts believe "experts" who endeavor to bestow trust in proposed "objects of evidence" is a different discussion altogether.


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