Stuck - focal lenght efficiency, what to have in a lens setup

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Stuck - focal lenght efficiency, what to have in a lens setup

Dear folks,

My dilemma is not that important but I need some good advice. I have an itch in regards to buying a new lens to my D90. My setup is stated below:

50 mm 1.8 (love it)
18-70 mm DX (love it)
18-200 mm VR (used to love it, now unsure)
70-300 mm (old G version, plastic, no VR, no ED glass, still OK though)
80-200 mm 2.8 (love it, its the sweet old slide version built like a tank)

Naturally, I dont need anther lens - I have all that I need (besides wide-angle > 17 mm) BUT I love to buy a new one (itch).

There's only one caveat: I need to get more efficient in my setup due to all overlapping that I have in terms of focal length. I can sell lenses as well.

Eg. can a 16-85 mm VR and a 70-300 VR get rid most of them? Whats the downfall of that besides obvious low light capability (and bokeh) etc?


Am I just mad?


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