NEX-5: Night skyline.

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Tom Hoots
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Re: Hand-held Twilight

Jens_G wrote:

The look of your HHT shot comapared to your long exposure shots has nothing to do with HHT vs Long Exp, it's simply that the HHT shot was taken earlier and the sky was brighter.

That's technically correct.

a HHT and a Long Exp shot should have the same look.

But that's where I would have to disagree with you. Oh, I suppose an HHT shot might look equivalent to "one" relatively short exposure shot, but it'll be at a very high ISO setting. With the kind of long-exposure shots I was taking, I used the base ISO of 200, and I was taking shots over a broad range of shutter lengths. For instance, if you can live with blowing out the brightest lights, you can get quite compelling shots like this:

Again, this shot isn't as stable as I wanted, but it's a 20-second exposure, and HHT simply isn't going to produce something like this. So, that's why I like to shoot long exposures -- while one or two shots may be more "correct," I can get a whole bunch of others that produce more of an "effect" that can be compelling.

Tom Hoots

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