Street kid in Buenos Aires

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If you don't see images like this one in the USA, you're blind

Argentina is a very wealthy country. It's been an economic slump for over a decade, for various reasons. Argentina made good use of the Industrial Revolution and created plenty of wealth, more than 100 years ago, at the same time the United States was doing the same thing - Palermo and Recoleta are good examples of this, perhaps only a few blocks away from this Buenos Aires location.

One poster said they see this kind of thing whenever they leave the U.S. I can't believe that person hasn't seen street people in the States - because they can be found here as well, and you don't have to look very hard. Here in the States I live in an upper middle class neighborhood in a small metropolitan area - and I can find a similar kid in a similar situation just a few miles from my house - in the U.S. I'm amazed at how many of my fellow Americans are ignorant, not only about other countries, but their own, as well.

Back to the picture. I've been to Buenos Aires as well, and saw kids like this one, plus plenty of middle class Portenos, and some very rich people as well.

Aesthetically speaking, I don't get enough sense of setting to convey the child's situation. He's sitting in front of a granite building and the sidewalk is relatively clean. There's nothing in the image that says "Buenos Aires" to me. It could be anywhere. His expression suggests annoyance with being photographed/exploited, and he's pretty clean looking for a street person. The focal length is either too short to establish a sense of intimacy with the subject, or conversely, not wide enough to establish environment.

If you want to see some stunning photography of local folks check out Manuel Librodo Jr.'s work:

He's a talented photographer and is very good at establishing intimacy with his subjects.

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