Can Pannies "take the heat"?

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Re: Thanks so much everyone

kiwigirl wrote:

That sounds really reassuring! I thought the FZ50 and TZ7 would be the two to take without lugging along heaps of gear that will not get used - and hopefully they will cope just fine.

One thing I WON'T do though is place the camera, bag and all, in a ziplock bag. I did that once when caught in a shower and was horrified to later find the plastic bag dripping with condensation. The camera bag wasn't actually wet to start with, but being padded I guess it was naturally absorbent. Next time the camera will go in on its own!

Good thinking! If there is moisture on anything you place in such a sealed environment, it becomes a little "Hothouse", which is why I keep my pocket camera in a loose plastic bag - keeps dust, lint & general moisture out, but is ventilated.

I think I will store the Tizzy in a hard case and the FZ in a cloth bag while over there, and stay clear of spongy bags that hold moisture?

And yes, after shooting a friend's wedding I know how hard work it is and I will be leaving it to the professional - with maybe a couple of snaps thrown in for good luck!

So thank you all for your reassurance. It's good to hear that Pannies take great shots all over the world!

And - you didn't ask, but these cameras can also take a remarkable amount of banging around, too.


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